Tuesday, February 25, 2020

One country in The Middle East (Egypt) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

One country in The Middle East (Egypt) - Essay Example Besides, Oman and Saudi Arabia are the neighboring nations. Dresch (2000) makes clear that â€Å"The Yemen is encircled by sea form the west, south and east† (p.43). One can see that Yemen’s nearness to the African continent and as the exit point of the Middle East Asia are crucial in international relationships. The ethnic makeup of Yemen includes Arabs and tribal people like Zaydis and Al-Akhdams. In addition, Islam is the most important religion in Yemen. Within Islam, there are two religious groups in Yemen: Sunnis and Shiites. So, this can be regarded as the primary religious division in Yemen. Unlike other Arabian nations, Yemen is not a religious republic, but a unitary parliamentary republic (presidential republic). Earlier, internal conflict due to the division of Yemen into North and South blocs was a serious problem. But unification of both the blocs into the Republic of Yemen reduced the further scope of internal problems. In the present condition, the inter nal conflict related to the Yemeni uprising (2011–2012) is a burning issue. Besides, violation of human rights and corruption are other problems faced by Yemen. Unlike other nations in the Middle East, Yemen is an underdeveloped nation. Blashfield (2012) states that, â€Å"It is now the poorest country in the Arab world† (p.4). To be specific, lack of infrastructure development and the rapid depletion of the existing oil deposits are the major problems which affects the economic development of Yemen. The Yemenis are inspired by the Arab Spring and the same resulted in the dethroning of Ali Abdullah Saleh. One can see that the Yemeni uprising resulted in the initiative to re-draft the constitution of Yemen. As pointed out, Yemen is not rich in oil deposits. Besides, the oil deposits in Yemen are showing rapid decrease in production. On the other side, lack of infrastructure development is hindering the scope

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